Old Tech For Entrepreneurs

I received a pointer to an interesting blog post in my email today. 


While this particular post is aimed at sales people and consultants, it turns out that it is at least as applicable to entrepreneurs. 

Angel investing is a contact sport. At every panel I talk about how the game is played: network, network, network. Stealth? Just say no.

So when you’re trying to fill out that round, sending out “time is running out” emails just doesn’t cut it. Much as it might cause you pain, pick up the damned phone and call your investors and ask for the close. They will be less able to ignore you, will respect that you are making personal contact, and will recognize that you are a sales person. Just remember: as an entrepreneur, you are always selling.

We all love the high-tech stuff as bleeding edge tech entrepreneurs, but you have to meet the customers on their own ground.

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