KnipBio Shrimp Tasting

We went down to Roger WIlliams University in Bristol, RI, where Dr. Andy Rhyne and his students have been running some feed trials, first with clown fish, and more recently with shrimp. The shrimp trial has just completed, so Larry Feinberg invited a group of investors and other friends of the company to a tasting in Bristol on May 9, 2015.

The shrimp had been fed their original feed and two feed mixes that included varying amounts of KnipBio Meal (KBM). Using reasonably rigorous procedures the attendees each tasted one shrimp from each group, in a random order, without knowing which feed each shrimp had been fed. While the final statistical results are not yet available, this observer and his informal poll indicated that there was not a whole lot of difference between the taste, color, or texture of any of the sample shrimp.

A journalist who focuses on sustainable food and writes for National Geographic was in attendance and wrote this article.

Here are a couple of photos from the event:

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