Great Contact Email

As an angel investor I meet dozens of new folks weekly, each of whom is sure that they have a fabulous business idea for which I can help them get funding. I meet them at networking events, after presentations, as guests at angel group meetings, through referrals from my own network, and any number of other ways. But the main point is that I meet a lot of them. If you ever want to get an idea of what investors feel, just put "angel investor" on your name tag at your next networking event and count how many folks come and talk to you. Instant popularity!

After the event, though, I'll receive follow-up contact requests ranging from unedited LinkedIn connection requests, to emails with a pitch deck attached. A large percentage of the time, though, the entrepreneur does not make the effort to give me a context for the connection. I'm reasonably diligent about going through my email trail and physical business cards to try to figure out where I met the sender and remind myself why they want to connect, but that's work for me, and sets the wrong tone. 

I recently received what I consider a nearly perfect example of a follow-up email, and I thought I'd share it so that others can see how to do it right.

Key points to notice:

1) Reema first reminds me where we met.

2) She demonstrates that she did some research on me and my angel group.

3) She reminds me what her business idea is.

4) She provides a specific call to action ("meet with you for 15-30 minutes") and gives me contact information.

If I had to criticize, I'd suggest only that Reema might have offered some specific times and places to meet. My free/busy schedule is public, so I make it easy for folks to do that. 

Here's the email in full:

Hi Ben,

It was a pleasure to have met you in Boston at the business-investor's meeting organized by Alice Sloan. Thank you for taking time out to chat with me at the event.

I visited your company website and am impressed to see the high level of commitment from Boston Harbor Angels in supporting innovations of all kind. Keep up the great work.

Just a brief refresher: I am in the food sector with a company that manufactures a number of spice blends. My blends are versatile and enable a consumer like you to cook without boundaries. This puts us right in the fusion/global cuisine segment of the packaged goods and/or spice industry. Please check out my website My passion in culinary/spice industry drove me to bring my unique and versatile spice blends to the marketplace. I also host a cooking show on local TV stations called "Cooking Without Boundaries". Please check episodes of Cooking Without Boundaries on YouTube by typing my name "Reema Chandra". I can provide further details on my business and products in our future conversations.

I would love to meet with you for 15-30 minutes and share my revolutionary idea of bringing healthy, tasty and natural spices back into the daily lives of consumers. Spice industry is a recession proof industry and has shown or promises  tremendous growth in investments made in the last five years or next five. My email id is and phone number is (617) 504-5136.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

Reema Chandra.

CEO, mySpice Boutique.

TV Show Host: Cooking Without Boundaries.

(617) 504-5136.  

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