Call Me Petty - Stupid EV Tricks

The other night we were driving off to dinner in Burlington in our Nissan LEAF electric vehicle (EV).  At a red light we came alongside a bright yellow Audi with a lowered suspension and resonators on the exhaust, driven by a young man.

When the light changed, I took off as usual and quietly left the Audi behind. At the next light the Audi caught up with us and we again waited for the change. I really wanted to rev my engine to challenge the guy, but, sadly, the LEAF has no engine. 

Again, when the light went green we took off, and again the poor Audi had no chance, though it was clear this time that the young fellow was trying. Of course, I was still in ECO mode.

Sorry, dude, that’s just the way EVs work. My ugly little bug is way faster off the line than your hopped up sporty Audi. 

I felt inordinately proud of myself. So call me petty. Or maybe Richard Petty.


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