Babson Big Idea

I was one of three judges at the Babson Big Idea Competition on November 12. We saw five companies each give three minute pitches followed by three minutes of Q&A. I have to admit that two of them left me cool, with a distinct feeling that there was plenty of competition in their space, and they had undistinguished offerings. Among the other three, one stood a good deal higher than the others as a cool concept. This was the eventual winner, 

Each of the entrants also has a video on youtube. They're really quite good!'s basic concept is to allow two parties to reveal feelings about each other to the web site, which would reveal them only when they match. Use case presented was for the college dating scene, where the risk of revealing romantic aspirations to a friend is a high-risk proposition (pun intended). My major complaint was that the presenter had not thought out the expanded market opportunities for business, and was not terribly quick on the uptake when I mentioned this possibility.

The second prize winner went to Spy Games, which is a real-world role-playing adventure game guided by mobile phones.

Lots of fun. Thanks to the students running the event, sponsors, the other judges, and, of course, the presenting companies.

Photos courtesy of Sarah Yim.

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