Propose a Meeting with Ben

Here's the deal. I prefer to meet between between 8am and 6pm on weekdays. I do make exceptions to this, but that's the norm. I prefer not to drive all over creation, so I like to bunch my meetings either out this way, where I live (Bedford, but 128 corridor between Burlington and Waltham qualify), or in town - Boston & Kendall Square, Cambridge. Sadly, none of the scheduling options to date tells you vaguely where I am (too much precision would also be bad), so that's part of the negotiation.

It works best if you look at the calendar, figure out several non-busy times and places that work for you, and email me your suggestions.

Note that gmail's calendar sharing is somewhat mobile-hostile. I've included both the calendar grid (for web access) and agenda views (better for mobile; click on the busy links to see ending times). Still looking for a better solution.

Favorite places to meet include:

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